Our History & The Trust Roots

ABOUT_GeorginaTalbotWhere It All Began.


Talbot Village Trust is the legacy of two sisters – Misses Georgina Charlotte and Mary Anne Talbot.  Wealthy, well-travelled and cultured, the sisters lived in Grosvenor Square, London until their family moved to Bournemouth’s fashionable East Cliff.


The poverty in the area beyond the affluent cliff-tops – especially amongst the women and children – inspired Georgina to rent some land on the nearby moorland to provide paid agricultural work.  In 1850, she bought 465 acres of land and by 1862, the estate included six farms and 16 cottages, seven almshouses, a school and a church.


Thanks to the sisters’ philantrophic approach, the Trust has been able to grow into one of the county’s principal benefactors.   As a result of a careful investment programme and the gradual sale of farmland for redevelopment, the Trustees are able to maintain – and hopefully increase – the value of the fund.  This, in turn, will allow them to plough crucial financial support back into the local community.