The Talbot Village Trust

With a rich history born from the kindness of two pioneering sisters in the 1850s, our activities and grants enable local impact organisations to change lives.


The trustees are required to balance the strategic obligations of the charity ensuring that funds are managed wisely, supporting the existing estate and community infrastructure, managing an urban heath and the wider value of the land under their stewardship, for the benefit of south-east Dorset. 

What we do

The Trust is actively involved in: 

  1. Grant-making: making a difference through grants to charities and local impact organisations
  2. Education support: with grants to schools and other educational establishments
  3. Offering rental properties on a subsidised rent: through rented housing in Talbot Village and locality
  4. Leasing land and properties: by renting lands and properties to insitutitions and/or individuals
  5. Estate management: ensuring that our lands are well maintained
  6. Non-financial support: partnership working, community engagement, signposting/pathways

Grant giving in 2021


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Grant Size


Grants awarded, 2012-2021          

Over the past decade, we have been privileged to support many local charities, schools and faith-based communities.    Find out more from the following summary:

List of awardees