Applying For A Grant


We welcome applications from registered charities, faith-based organisations, educational establishments, CIOs and other properly constituted not-for-profit organisations.

To meet our criteria:

  • Your organisation must be located or have a base within our area of benefit - Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, Purbeck or East Dorset
  • You have raised or are in the process of raising at least 25% of the funding that you require
  • You have a clear case for support, i.e. why the funding is needed, what difference it will make, and how you can deliver it
  • Your application is submitted in advance of the relevant deadline.

The Trust meets twice a year to consider applications:

Deadline for applications                        Trust decision

31st July                                                         November

31st January                                                  May


To submit your application, please use our official form - see below.  We cannot consider your application via letter.

If you wish to discuss an idea for an application or grant, please contact our office team, who will be happy to advise you.

Our grants are restricted to organisations within our benefit area. Please also note that funding is not available to private companies.

There is a 24-month maximum drawdown period within which any grant funding must be released. This is extended in the case of multi-year awards.


What happens to an application?

Each application is considered carefully as we assess local needs, evidence of effectiveness, perceived impact, value for money and sustainability of the investment.

Our staff will prepare an initial assessment based on your application and our follow-up conversation and/or visit to your organisation. All applications to each round are discussed at the Philanthropy Committee which is chaired by one of the Trustees in advance of the full Trustee meeting. This provides an opportunity for Committee members to request additional information for scrutiny. The Committee’s recommendations for funding are taken forward to the Trustee meeting for final consideration and decision.

As such, we aim to listen to and work in partnership with grantees, prospective grantees and other stakeholders in an open and transparent manner in order to improve grant making policies and processes.


We welcome applications that can apply ideas, initiatives and learning to emerging and unmet needs.


Please fill in your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We would advise writing your application in Word and copying into the form to ensure you don't miss anything.



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