Dorset Hero Awards headline sponsor, Talbot Village Trusts, proud to support worthy causes for more than 150 years

2nd Jul 2022

Talbot Village Trust is the legacy of two sisters Georgina Charlotte and Mary Anne Talbot. For more than 150 years the Trust has worked to transform the lives of people in need.  Before moving to the East Cliff in Bournemouth in 1842, the sisters lived a wealthy, well-travelled and cultured life in Grosvenor Square, London.

Georgina Charlotte was inspired upon arriving in the area to use some of the family’s wealth to rent nearby land. The land was used to provide paid agricultural work and encourage industry in order to help reduce poverty in the parish of Kinson and surrounding area.  In 1850, following their father’s death, the sisters used their inheritance of £150,000 to buy 465 acres of land, in the area where Talbot village stands, extending south of the Wallisdown Road into what is now the Borough of Poole. The sisters set about building their own not-for-profit working model village where tenants were encouraged to work for a living and become self-sufficient within the community.  By 1862, the estate included six farms and 19 cottages, seven almshouses for the elderly, a school to educate and a church for religious observance.

Having never married, the sisters arranged for their land and wealth to be transferred to a trust – the Talbot Village Trust – that was designed to carry on their charitable work for generations to come. Since then, the Trust has donated millions of pounds to those in need covering education, conservation, community, and faith.

Thanks to the sisters’ charitable approach to empowering those in need, the Trust has been able to grow into one of the county’s principal benefactors awarding local charities and good causes £1million each year.   Recognising the historical significance of the sisters’ work, Talbot Village was designated as a conservation area in the 1970s.  The southern part of the estate was developed with housing by the Council and is also the location for two university campuses. As a result of a careful investment programme, the Trust is able to maintain and increase the value of the fund year on year.  This, in turn, allows it to plough crucial financial support back into the local community.

Staying true to the Talbot Sisters’ initial mission, the sponsorship of the Dorset Hero Awards enables the Trust to celebrate the important work individuals are undertaking to transform the lives of those in need.

Nicholas Ashley-Cooper, Chairman of Talbot Village Trust, said: “We are inspired by the story of the Talbot sisters, and the courage and vision they showed. Sponsoring the Dorset Hero Awards provides us with an opportunity to champion those in the area who share the same values and principles and work incredibly hard to improve the lives of others. That work is always worth amplifying and celebrating, and we’re proud to help make that happen with this programme.”