Applying For A Donation FAQ’s

What do you support?

We support any capital project for a charity, church, school, college or university.  No scheme is too big or too small for consideration and recent grants have ranged in size from £900 to £150,000.

How can we apply?

You can either use the online application form or send your application by post.  If you are posting an application, please read through our guidelines to make sure you include all the information we need.

Do we need to be a registered charity?

Yes, unless you are a church or an established place of education

Will you need to see our accounts?

If you have a set of accounts, it is always useful if these could be submitted but it is not a firm requirement.  You should, however, make sure you have given us some financial details – such as the total cost of the project and the amount of money that has already been raised or pledged.

Will you come and visit us?

In some instances, a representative of the Trust will arrange to visit you in order to get more background information.  This is your chance to provide any further background information and to make sure they have a full understanding of the project and its potential benefits.

How and when will we know if we have been successful?

We will contact all applicants, by post, within a couple of weeks of the Trustees meeting..

If we are successful, when will we receive the money?

Any financial support will not be paid until the money is required – for example, when the project has started – and when you have used all other resources allocated to the project.  However, once a grant has been awarded, it will be ‘ring fenced’ until needed.

Once a project has received a grant, can we apply for a further grant in the future?

Yes.  As long as your application meets the relevant criteria you can apply for additional funding at any time.

What will you ask from us if we receive a grant?

Successful applicants should let the Trust’s representative visit the project following completion, for monitoring purposes.  Also, applicants are expected to co-operate with any publicity the Trustees may wish to organise.

Are there any items that you can’t support?

Unfortunately, the Trust can’t contribute to running costs or revenue items of expenditure.  The Trust also needs to be satisfied that the applicant is fully committed to the project and that it will go ahead, so we won’t normally consider an application until at least 25%-33% of the required money has already been raised or pledged.

Who do I contact for further information?


Talbot Village Trust, c/o Savills, Wessex House, Priors Walk, Wimborne, BH21 1PB