Applications : Guidelines

The following guidelines should help you submit a successful application.

 Applying online:  If you are using the online application form, please make sure you complete all the boxes and provide as much information as possible.

 Applying by post:  If you prefer to send your application by post, please make sure you include the following information:

 A brief outline of the project

  • The project’s aims and objectives, and who it will benefit
  • Details of how you have assessed the need for the project (such as a business plan)
  • The estimated total cost
  • The amount of money that has already been raised or pledged
  • Project timescales
  • How you will assess the effectiveness of the project after completion

When an application is received,  a representative of the Trust may want to visit you to get more information.  This is your chance to provide any back up information such as photographs and plans – and to discuss your scheme in more detail.

Unfortunately, the Trust can’t contribute to running costs or revenue items of expenditure.  The Trust also needs to be satisfied that the applicant is fully committed to the project and that it will go ahead, so it won’t normally consider an application until at least 25%-33% of the required money has already been raised or pledged.

The Trust cannot give retrospectively to projects which have already been undertaken.

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