Helping local organisations

The Talbot Village Trust currently supports around 45-60 fundraising organisations each year. 

Here are just a few of the recently completed projects.




Grounded Community

This organisation and volunteers have been working in Boscombe as a community entity for over 6 years, with the aim of giving community access to healthy, nutritious food. The Charity gave a grant of £14k to support improvements to a hub garden, to provide a community kitchen, pizza oven, irrigation & pond filtering and a solar power upgrade. In addition to providing education on growing produce and food preparation skills, this work provides a major opportunity for the community to learn about their local environment.  

Grounded Community

Dorset Children’s Foundation 

The Charity is dedicated to improving the lives of local children with disabilities. A grant of £28k was provided towards the costs of purchase of up to 50 buggies for use by families when visiting off-road locations such as beaches and parks. The scheme works on a loan basis so that families can return the buggy for re-use when the child outgrows it.

Dorset Children’s Foundation



Crumbs provides disability training for adults with learning difficulties to gain catering and other pre-employment skills. Traditionally all teaching has been classroom-based but this had to move online due to the pandemic. A donation of £5k was made to upgrade the existing IT equipment to support both classroom and online training, permitting training for up to 40 people at any one session.

Crumbs – Training for Independence


Poole Hospital Charity (Gully’s Place) 

The Charity granted £12.5k towards the cost of an upgrade of ‘Gully’s Place’ which is a dedicated suite at the hospital offering a safe and private place for children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions and their families to receive treatment and be together with specialist support on hand. The suites have kitchen and bathroom facilities. The grant was used to maintain the ‘home from home’ feel.  

Gully's Place - Poole Hospital Charity



Winton Primary School 

The School was awarded £10k to purchase new playground equipment. Around 20% of the 823 children on the school roll have English as an additional language. The Charity was delighted to make this donation as play represents a great way for children to learn and socialise with each other.

Winton Primary School

Bournemouth Hospital NHS Charity  

The Talbot Village Trust was delighted to give £20k towards a new Walkerbot for Bournemouth Hospital NHS Charity in June 2020.  Now fully installed, this innovative robotic machine helps people living with stroke relearn to walk.  It only requires one therapist to operate, freeing up staff time for other patients.  Interactive games and feedback on the screen are motivating for the patient. 

Bournemouth Hospital Charity



Faithworks Wessex

The Charity donated £8k as a contribution to repair a leaking roof and to undertake key electrical and heating work on the annexe of the Destiny Life Church in West Howe. The church annexe is key component of the Faithworks’ ‘Storehouse’ project, part of the ‘Stay off the Streets’ campaign supporting the Charity’s homelessness work.  



Planet Purbeck

The Charity supported the launch of the Planet Purbeck festival in 2021. The festival is run by the community for the community and aims to raise awareness of climate change and to support fantastic initiatives across Purbeck that improve the local environment. During one week in September 2021, and across 9 different Purbeck locations, more than 209 individual events/activities were hosted by Planet Purbeck supporters. Over 2,000+ people attended festival events; the buzz attracted more than 3000 followers on social media and to the Planet Purbeck mailing list. 85% of attendees said the festival inspired them to make a change to their own behaviour or lifestyle that will positively impact the planet. 

The Trust is also supporting Planet Purbeck's second Festival in September 2022. The aim is to build on previous projects and pledges, e.g. to recycle more, to reduce carbon footprints, to plant trees, and to rewild. 

The Trust supported this early stage venture as one of the starter projects under the Climate Change strategic priority.  


Rob Waitt - Founder

"It's been so refreshing working with the Talbot Village Trust. They have been so flexible, and understanding, and supported OUR grassroots community group in its CRUCIAL founding year. Their early backing of our festival idea gave us the confidence and funding to make it happen! The TVT team are easy to talk to and take a keen interest in our work. It feels like a genuine partnership."   


Planet Purbeck

Dorset Mental Health Forum

The Dorset Mental Health Forum (The Forum) is an independent local charity run and led by people who have their own experiences of a range of mental health issues, emotional distress and trauma.

The Trust is supporting a two-year project work programme, starting in September 2021, to help address good mental health, focused from the outset on building capacity and sustainability, ensuring that local communities can build on this work themselves.

The Project aims are to:

  1. Identify assets that already exist in local communities and get alongside to provide support, lived experience perspective and capacity to enable more connected and inclusive communities.
  2. Create a listening network at a grassroots level, to hear and gain an understanding of the challenges that face people, micro communities and marginalised groups.
  3. Out-reach a trauma informed crisis response, that will work with a person where they are and support them to identify the most appropriate and relevant help and support.
  4. Provide responsive Recovery Education within local communities to build literacy around emotional distress and trauma, thereby challenging perceptions of mental health issues and promoting shared humanity.

Dorset Mental Health Forum