Some Personal Stories


CRUMBS provides specialist training for adults with mixed-abilities, so they can learn to live independently. During the Covid pandemic, CRUMBS recognised a need to develop a Digital Skills training programme.  

With the support and funding from Talbot Village Trust, they were able to achieve their goal in updating the IT network and to create an IT suite for staff and trainees to gain much needed Digital Skills.

Here is Jake’s story:

3 years ago Jake was living in a homeless hostel for people with drug and alcohol abuse issues. He was depressed and socially isolated. After joining the Shared Lives home and care scheme in 2019 via BCP Council, Jake’s carer Emma recognised the need to give Jake a meaningful occupation and feeling of belonging and therefore referred him to CRUMBS.

In addition to completing a training course in administration and digital skills, Jake wanted to be part of a group, learn how to develop relationships in a working environment and make new friends.

Jake was mentored through his training programme by a member of the CRUMBS’ team to support him to learn administrative tasks and responsibilities and to complete training units. During lockdown Jake was actively involved in all video conferencing training and wellbeing sessions with CRUMBS’ staff and other trainees.

In addition to achieving an industry endorsed award in Administration and Digital skills including the use of Microsoft packages, Jake’s self-confidence has grown since joining CRUMBS and he has become a more outgoing person and a valued member of the CRUMBS’ team.

Crumbs Jake




The HealthBus Trust is a charity that provides accessible and appropriate healthcare to people experiencing homelessness in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. The Trust operates a mobile, GP-led service in close relationship with a multidisciplinary team. The Trust partners with clinical and non-clinical teams to create a wrap-around service that helps people improve their physical and mental health, free themselves from addiction and move on from homelessness.

During the Covid pandemic, the HealthBus team identified that people who were experiencing homelessness needed to access essential healthcare. With the support and funding from the Talbot Village Trust and the community the charity was able to achieve its goal of having a new mobile clinic that was fit for purpose – a new 'health bus'!

Angus, aged 41, lost his job due to depression and a breakdown in his long-term relationship. He found himself living on the streets when he was evicted from his rental home. 

Angus desperately wanted to get his life back on track. Once he was living on the streets, he felt hopeless and powerless to change the situation. He felt that there wasn’t anyone who cared or even wanted to help. He was trapped in a cycle of poor physical and mental health.  

The HealthBus met Angus and supported him when he was sleeping rough for 9 months. 

Angus said: “The HealthBus team helped me when everything became too much, and I wanted to end my life. Not only did the Team provide medical care but made me feel valued as a human being. They were kind and gave me the basics – clothes, toiletries and some food.”

Now in emergency accommodation, he is on a recovery programme and doing well!


Beth, Katie and Adam 

Talbot Village Trust donated £20,000 to Youth Cancer Trust (YCT) to help provide digital support and activities for young people who have been diagnosed with cancer. The online initiative, called Realshare, has a membership of over 200 young cancer patients from Dorset and across the UK, and provides a variety of online activities, including arts and crafts, quizzes, cookery, life skills coaching and therapeutic counselling.


“I think sometimes, it’s a struggle knowing whether to bring up the details of my cancer, especially around new people. It’s quite hard, because I find it can sometimes make another person who hasn’t gone through it a little uncomfortable, but then it was such a big part of my life, it does tend to come up so finding the balance can be hard in some situations. Youth Cancer Trust has really helped me with talking about it, because we can all sympathise with each other. I find that the way I talk about it with friends can sometimes shock people because I tend to try and joke about things that happened, but then sometimes it takes away the more intense parts of the experience.”Beth


“I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without the support of YCT during Covid, I’d have been in a very lonely place. You’ve made so much effort to keep us all together whilst everyone’s been apart. To have friends and you for support at the touch of a button anytime has meant the absolute world!” Katie


“My anxiety has been really bad during covid, this YCT support and craft workshop helped to distract from it.” Adam



YCT Bolt

YCT 2 row