Local mental health service secures £28,000 of funding towards system upgrade

19th Aug 2020

After a rapid increase in demand for mental health services across the county during recent years Dorset Mind recognised the importance of storing its data required to run its service safely and securely. 

Working with over 30,000 people, the charity successfully applied for £28,000 worth of funding from Talbot Village Trust towards the implementation of a new data management platform. 

Dorset Mind is a self-funded charity that facilitates a wide range of services across the county to support recovery from mental ill health. It educates people about positive wellbeing and challenges the stigma surrounding mental health that can stop people accessing support at their time of need.

Speaking about the importance of the new system, Marianne Storey, Dorset Mind’s Chief Executive, said: “We are extremely grateful to the Trust for recognising the significance of helping us develop and put into practice our new data management system.

“Moving forward, this will impact how we design our support options for local people, by evaluating and learning from recorded outcomes. We’re excited that we will finally be able to accurately measure responses and outcomes. This will ensure we can evaluate the effectiveness of our support services, to continue providing high-quality mental health support across Dorset.”

Russell Lucas-Rowe, Trustee at Talbot Village Trust, commented: “It is important charities have access to measurement tools to enable their development. We are proud to support the new system at Dorset Mind and hope this will allow the charity to support those who need help with their mental health across the county.” 
Talbot Village Trust meets biannually and is accepting applications for funding from both previous and new applicants in the area before the Trustees next meeting in spring 2021.