Talbot Village Trust Chair steps down after 16 years, brand-new job role opens for Head of Philanthropy

1st Jul 2021

Grant-giving charity Talbot Village Trust has announced the Chairman, Sir Christopher Lees, will be stepping down after 16 years of service. 

Existing Trustee, Nick Ashley-Cooper 12th Earl of Shaftesbury, will be taking Sir Christopher’s place as Chair on an interim basis for the Trust and Sir Christopher will remain on the board of Trustees.

Nick, who has sat on Talbot Village Trust’s board of Trustees for 8 years, will hope to build on the great work the Trust has been able to do, supporting local charities within the area and making a positive difference to the lives of people living within South-East Dorset. The Trust hopes to take a more proactive approach with its grant giving and is currently looking for a new Head of Philanthropy.

Sir Christopher Lees said: “I could not be prouder of the work we have carried out over my time as Chair of Talbot Village Trust, and I step down knowing that we have changed the lives of countless individuals. The Trust and its legacy is in the safest hands possible with Nick and I look forward to continuing to support him and the Trust through my role as Trustee.” 

Part of the Trust’s future plans include focusing on three vital areas across the county – education, mental health and climate change. The other long-standing aspects of the charity, including its biannual rounds of funding will continue as normal.

The Trust’s new Head of Philanthropy role will be responsible for seeking out new partnerships, connecting with communities to find out what is really needed and looking at long term strategic funding rather than short term grants, so that the Trust’s funding can have the greatest possible impact for the local area.
Nick Ashley-Cooper added: “It’s going to be a wonderful new challenge with huge boots to fill, succeeding the incredible work that Sir Christopher has done for Talbot Village Trust over the past 16 years. I’m excited to be a part of the new changes that we hope will make a significant difference to the lives of people living within South-East Dorset.”

To apply for or find out more information about the new Head of Philanthropy role, please email info@talbotvillagetrust.org 

Talbot Village Trust meets biannually and is accepting applications for funding from both previous and new applicants in the area before the Trustees’ next meeting in spring 2022. 

To apply for funding from the Talbot Village trust, visit www.talbotvillagetrust.org to submit an online application and email info@talbotvillagetrust.org.